Tuesday, July 10, 2007

11 places where you can learn any subject for free

1. http://ocw.mit.edu/index.html
All Subjects. Provides lecture notes, video lectures which are both streaming and down loadable. Very Good animations for some subjects.

2. http://www.uwtv.org/programs/
This is Webcast on Science and Technology.

3. http://www.princeton.edu/WebMedia/lectures/
All seminars and lectures presented at Princeton University.

4. http://forum.wgbh.org/wgbh/
Online videos on any subject.

5. http://web.austin.utexas.edu/wlh/index.cfm
You can Search here for any subject being offered by top universities.

6. http://web.sls.csail.mit.edu/lectures/
MIT Lecture Browser. You can choose the subject here.

7. http://www.vega.org.uk/
VEGE Science Trust: Videos, Presentations, Seminars and lectures on Physics, Astrophysics etc... . It has more than 400 videos.

8. http://freevideolectures.com/
This has video lectures i.e courses which has video lectures on all the subjects. Perhaps the biggest video lecture collection.

9. http://www.sciencelive.org/
Science video collection.

10. http://www.maxanim.com/
Excellent animation on subjects: Genetics, Immunology, Physiology, Microbiology and Biochemistry.

11. http://science.nhmccd.edu/biol/ap1int.htm
Collection of animations on all Science Topics.