Friday, March 25, 2011

Universities providing free courses

1. MIT Online Courses : MIT is the first and front runner in proving the complete video lectures, class room notes, assignments. Offers on almost all the subjects ranging from computer science to film technology and medicine to biotech.

2. Yale Open Online Courses : Yale has recently started offering free courses on close to 25 topics. Topics includes Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and history.

3. University of Washington Online Courses : University of Washington mains focuses on computer science.

4. UC Berkeley Online Courses : UC Berkeley has started offering free web cast of the lectures since fall 2001. Videos are posted the day after the class.

5. Khan Academy Online Courses : Khan Academy is founded by Salman Khan, a student of Harvard University. He alone teaches all the subjects including maths, physics, finance, Banking etc..

6. McGill online Courses. McGill mainly focuses on Chemistry and its related topics.

7. NPTEL Courses : NPTEL has more than 130 video courses on all the Engineering subjects. All these lectures are delivered by the world famous professors at various IIT's India.

8. University of Houston online Courses : University of Houston covers some special topics like public speaking, communication skills, time management which are not covered any other universities.

In the next post we will try to add few more universities providing free online courses.

Have good time Learning

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Free Online Courses from best Universities

If you are looking to learn something, the time has come that you don't need to pay anything. Almost all the universities are providing online courses for free. I just want to list some of the main subjects here.

1. Computer Science Online Courses : Topics includes mainly Programming, Compiler Design, Operating System, Data Structures, Database Management System, RDBMS, Search Engine design etc...

2. Electronics & Communication Online Courses: Digital System Design, Analog Circuits, Electronic Devices & Circuits, Digital & Analog Signal Processing etc..

3. Mathematics Online Courses : Mathematics topics include Algebra, Calculus, Differentiation, Integration, Advanced maths topics etc..

4. Business Online Courses: Courses covers variety of subjects like Investment, Banking, Startups, Marketing, new business development etc...